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Letters from Mexico

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June 5, 2023

In the Time of Nick

Nick Kruser's talents are multifaceted and highly developed. He introduced himself to me after I played in a blues performance with my music partner at the organic market at EKKO Hostel. He had recently arrived in Tepoztlán and told me that he likes to meet with community leaders when he comes to a new town.

Bonding Circles

Tepoztlán, Morelos, Mexico. Nick leading a group bonding circle in Amatlán. Photo by author

Nick facilitating another bonding circle.

Nick has an incredible background, having spent three months traveling with Tony Robbins and his crew to give them massages. It's there that he solidified his facilitation of group bonding exercises that he has successfully offered at hundreds of venues.

He told me that he knows they are successful when they don't want to leave the room even when it's time to close the space.

In Nick's own words, here is why people attend the circles he does to bond groups:

Thoughts on knowing why someone is attending ... it has to touch their soul.  It must have a great father or mother energy.  Something that feels truly held and nourishing. People are quite traumatized by world events. Right brain deprogrammed outside the box thinking with heart has a new attention. People want something that they haven’t heard of and be safely taken there. That builds trust.  People or society are so traumatized (or in denial ) that they need something very special.

Here is a description of some of the types of transformation workshops Nick facilitates:


Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico. Nick giving a healing massage with a partner outside of a conference in Jan. 2023.

From my personal experience, I can say that Nick gives an excellent deep tissue massage (shiatsu). This is how he got to travel with Tom Robbins and his group for a few months.

Here is a testimonial from a friend who also had work done by him:

I have learned in my healing journey that presence is the only true healer. It the facility that allows the pain of the mind to spill out into the vast expansion of cosmic being.  Nick is one of few healers I have met who is genuinely tapped into presence—something very simple, but not usually very easy to master. Presence is a state of having gone beyond the barriers of the mind that stand in the way of love—that keep everyone locked in the illusion that we are separate beings. These barriers are monolithic. They are all the ways that I have stood in judgment of myself and others, and then decided that my judgment is the way the world is. I have to take that apart with presence, it is the only way. I have to have the courage to drop the barriers of thought and step forward into the luminous truth of my being. It's hard because I live in an idea of a world that I made entirely of resistance and true freedom is entirely beyond that.

Nick has the ability to go into that place of free presence with me, and that is the only true healing power. In presence he opens the space beyond the resistance of the mind, which was holding in the muscles, bones, fascia of my body in the tension of my conceptual world. In that presence my body has a safe place to release itself, and my mind (the creator of all my suffering) also becomes free. There is nothing more central to the happiness and well being of the world then us learning to come into presence together. Nick is a healing the world, one person at a time.


Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico. A song circle at the Greater Reset, a conference in January, 2023.

Nick wrote and produced a full length video. Here is the trailer. And here is another video he made.


He also is a skilled guitar player. Here is a production where he has added voice in a created expressive language:

Here is a revealing podcast interview of Nick.

Promotional Materials

To give you a better idea of what he does, here are some fliers:


Contact Nick

Telegram address: @Kruser777




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Very clever title, I get the play on words. I wanna a massage from the man and wanna be trained on his bonding circles then lead them with a co!

--Mary Rives

Thanks, Mary. Did you contact Nick?



Enjoyed story about Nick. I hope to go to Greater Reset in Morelia  this coming year. Maybe I'll see him there and maybe you also.

--Alice Hesselrode

Thanks, Alice. Yes, but that venue is a ways off yet.



I found it fun to dip my feet into the world of Nick Kruser and to hear your voice interviewing him. The healing work he’s doing these days was good to hear about. I bought both your kindle books today and look forward to delving into them and eventually creating the reviews you’d asked us to create a long time ago. I apologize for not making that a priority at the time.

--Lasita Shalev

Thanks, Lasita, for you kind comments, and for exploring my books. No worries about timing. We all do the best we can.



Very nice!!  Thanks for sharing!!


Glad you liked it, Sheema!


Fun!  Right down my alley!


Yes, Dagen, I was thinking of you when I put this one together. Glad you got to see it.




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