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Mexico Living Experience

Mexico Living Experience provides you with a guided taste of living in Mexico.

Relax with us in this central mountain region of Mexico, designated as a Pueblo Magico (“Magic Town”).

      Mexico Experience Month in Tepoztlán
An OUTRAGEOUS LIFE awaits you in Tepoztlán.

We work with retirees having a regular income who struggle with issues about moving to Mexico by providing help with decision-making, information about lifestyle differences, and with help in testing the waters with a month-long visit.

One of Tepoztlán’s unique features is a mixed population of international expats, digital nomads, visitors from all over Mexico, and locals with indigenous roots. Relax with us in this central mountain region of Mexico, designated as a Pueblo Magico (“Magic Town”).    





What Tepoztlán offers:

1. Tepoztlán cost of living is about 1/3 as much as the US

2.  no corporate stores, only locally-owned ones, in this population of 25,000

3.  located in a valley of uniquely shaped mountains with many trails

4.  street booths and outdoor markets for shopping

5.  abundant healthy delicious restaurants featuring international cuisines

6.  clubs with live entertainment and world-class musicians

7.  from the airport, just over an hour  



What we provide:

1.  prearrange your travel from the airport and meet you there, if needed

2.  meet-ups at a cafe three days per week to advise on best restaurants, nightclubs, shopping, and to discuss any special needs  

3.  prearrange comfortable inexpensive convenient accommodations

4.  prearrange a Spanish tutor (extra charge)-we recommend three days/ week

5.  weekly guided hikes on the trails included

6.  assistance and camaraderie
* In our deposit plus arrival payments (total = $500 USD) we do NOT include payment for transportation, accommodations, food, entertainment, or Spanish lessons.

 Free Zoom consultation prior and after your deposit payment:
[email protected]


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Limited half price offer!

Deposit: $150 USD, and an additional $350 USD when you arrive.
(Does not include: costs of travel, accommodations, meals)  

About us: Don Karp has been semi-retired since 2003, when he moved from the US to Mexico. He has published three books about his experiences, and he produces a monthly photo blog. He has helped many US expats to settle in Mexico since 2017. Jim Doney, Don’s assistant, has lived in Tepoztlán for over 30 years. He is a jazz percussionist and does research in resonance healing.

For more about JIM see Don’s  ----> BLOG:   ---> HERE    &   --->  HERE