This is the story of my experiences living as an ex-pat in Mexico since 2003. It's to culminate in a published book. With your help, I'll be editing, selecting a title, and cover art. This is a participatory project.

June 26, 2017

Get Lost!

Is getting lost an entirely bad thing? It’s disorienting, disturbing, and problematic. But I think there can be upsides.

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Letters‍‍‍ from Mexico

July 29, 2017              

Myths About Mexico

First, I am piggy-backing off of the last letter, Get Lost! And 'll describe some of the logistics of living and traveling in Mexico after.


Aug. 26, 2017

Mexico's Click‍‍‍

and Clack Culture

I’m walking along one of the main streets in the center of Tepoztlan where I live.     I bump into a friend. CLICK!


Sept. 30, 2017

Fiasco with the Federales

At three AM the red-eye bus going home from the coast ends at a service control stop.


Oct. 28, 2017

Beaches of Mexico

Not long after I moved to Mexico (2003), I spent two weeks in Tulum. It’s the best for swimming I’ve visited.